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Why Read This Book?

My goal is to bring you on a journey into a life of adventure, while on a path of limitless possibilities and unprecedented success. Are you ready to challenge the status quo of your daily business practices? Do you yearn to bring more adventure into your work and personal life? Are you ready to reawaken your passion for life?

About Chris Hardwick:

With over two decades of experience, Chris Hardwick has been a powerhouse in helping entrepreneurs and business leaders achieve their dreams. He has spearheaded major infrastructure projects across North America and Australia, and has a proven track record with six companies escalating from inception to $50 million in just four years. His ventures have collectively generated over $365 million in revenue and led 50 projects valued at $3.5 billion. Chris is dedicated to mentoring entrepreneurs to innovate and scale their businesses while emphasizing the importance of personal relationships and well-being for utlimate success.