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Who holds you accountable?

As your Business Coach, let me be your accountability partner.

I’m Ready To Take The First Step

You have big ideas, you’re ready to put in the work, but you don’t know how to get started

What’s stopping you from summiting your mountain?
  • Are you overwhelmed by fear? 
  • Are you lost without direction and accountability?
  • Are you stuck on the same repetitive cycle? 
  • Do you wish someone could guide you towards a life of fulfillment?
  • Are you truly enjoying life?
  • Do you struggle finding someone who gets it to discuss these challenges with?
Then you are not alone. I can help you take your next steps. I have been exactly where you are, I get it. I have led hundreds of others just like you to move forward and climb their mountains.

Meet Chris Hardwick

Executive Business Coach

For over 20 years I've been helping entrepreneurs and business leaders to realize their dreams and achieve success.

As an entrepreneur, world traveler, adventurer, and motivator, I lead by example. My goal is to inspire you with my passion for life, success and happiness.

Want to learn more about my process?

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Want access to free resources and exclusive insights?

Want access to free resources and exclusive insights?

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What’s stopping you from summiting your mountain?

Past Clients Have Said


"Chris has been an awesome teacher and mentor for me and he's done an excellent job of challenging my thinking, and really making sure I keep both my feet firmly planted but still have my eyes to the stars. I would strongly recommend Chris as a coach and leader."

Will Stahl - Co-Founder & CEO at Offworld Industries

"Chris is an extraordinary person with a curiosity for adventures, business acumen and continuous leadership development. I've worked with Chris as a business coach for the past 3 years and really appreciate his ability to pivot from a 30,000' view to a specific area of the business. Chris taught me how to turn issues and problems into opportunities.  I appreciate Chris, he is a great leader of our group, as a coach and facilitator."

Alex Yakovyshenko, LL.B, MBA, CEO at Haney Builders

"Chris has been great to work with the last few years. He's super well connected and always looking to help others expand their network. I've been a member of one of his peer groups for 4 years now and found tremendous value. His 1 on 1 business coaching has been helpful in many ways, especially the accountability and direction. Thanks Chris"

Brad Kiendl, Partner at Ashdown Capital

"I have worked with Chris for over a year now and have found his insights based on experiences to be helpful and this has allowed me to look at things from another perspective. A strong entrepreneur at heart, Chris is willing to look at what the future holds and challenges the status quo of certain business rules. He is always able to take on a challenge and use his strong network to find the fit needed for your problem."

Robert Gilbert, President & CEO at Metro Testing & Engineering

"I have found Chris' team approach to solving problems to be unique. He is honest, hardworking, and works hard to ensure he delivers value to the client. I look forward to working together on the next project. Besides being good business, it’s fun."

Chris Sacré - President and CEO Sacre-Davey Group

Ready To Take The First Step?