Risk Management - "Building Fearless Leaders to Catapult your Business"
Embrace risk and transform it into your greatest asset. Our approach to risk management revolves around building leaders who are not just prepared but excited to face challenges head-on. Discover the tools and strategies to turn risks into opportunities, ensuring your business not only survives but thrives in today's ever-changing landscape.

Culture - "How to Build a Culture of Adventure"
Create a workplace where every day is an adventure. We guide you in crafting a culture that celebrates innovation, embraces challenges, and encourages a spirit of exploration. Learn to inspire your team, foster creativity, and build an environment where everyone is excited to push boundaries.

Disruption - "Disrupt or Die"
Don't wait till your business becomes redundant by technology or a competitor.  Explore strategies to disrupt your business and your field, ensuring that you are the catalyst of innovation, not its victim. This mindset is crucial for staying ahead, making your business resilient and future-proof against competitors and technological change.

Business - "3 Steps to Preventing Business Partnership Failure"
Solidify the foundation of your business partnership with our proven three-step strategy. We focus on enhancing communication, aligning visions, and ensuring mutual respect, setting the stage for a partnership that is both profitable and sustainable.

Leadership - "How to become an Adventurepreneur in only 9 Months"
Transform yourself into an Adventurepreneur in 9-months with a program designed to forge leaders who blend the thrill of adventure with savvy entrepreneurship. Embark on a journey to master leadership skills that are unconventional, effective, and geared towards making you a trailblazer in your field.

Health & Wellness - "Lifestyle #120"
Introducing Lifestyle #120: Your guide to a century-plus of vibrancy. This holistic approach goes beyond traditional wellness, teaching strategies and tactics for a life filled with sound health, peak fitness, and mental clarity. Learn how to live each day with purpose, happiness, and wellness, ensuring you're not just living longer, but living better. This journey towards longevity combines science-backed practices with practical steps, aiming to keep you fit, happy, and healthy as you embrace a life that could span 120 remarkable years.

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Unlocking the Secret to Success

  • Overcoming Fear and Taking Risks - learn how to identify your fears and overcome them through a proven risk taking process.
  • Disruption and Innovation - learn how to identify creative opportunities to identify and totally disrupt your business, sector or industry.
  • Culture and living a life of adventure – build an intentional culture that promotes growth and development while living a life of fun and adventure.
Team Development

Foucsing On Three Main Pillars

Chris will want to know what keeps you up at night, what important decisions you are facing and if you are working in or “ON” your Business.  He will hold you Accountable.
Work/Life Balance
He will ensure your work/life balance is right for you, your family and your business.  He will help you develop clear, concise strategies and tactics to achieve results.
Your Why
Chris will want to know if you are Enjoying Life, and what your true Purpose is in life.  He will ask Why, not what! He will want to know about your Vision and what your Plan is for achieving your Dreams.

Ready To Lead A Life Of Adventure?