Science of Risk Taking
Learn how the brain works and how to overcome your fears, take calculated risks in order to achieve your goals, and live the life of your dreams.

Lifestyle #120
Learn the strategies and tactics to live to 120 year old while being of sound body and mind, with peak fitness, happy and healthy.

Culture & Adventure
Develop a culture of adventure, where the entire team is fired up about life, work and adventure and aligned with the company's Values and Purpose.

Disruption & Innovation
Don't wait till your business becomes redundant by technology or a competitor.  Explore strategies for how to Disrupt your business and your entire industry.

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Chris Hardwick Executive Business Coach typing on a keyboard
Speaking Engagements

Unlocking the Secret to Success

  • Overcoming Fear and Taking Risks - learn how to identify your fears and overcome them through a proven risk taking process.
  • Disruption and Innovation - learn how to identify creative opportunities to identify and totally disrupt your business, sector or industry.
  • Culture and living a life of adventure – build an intentional culture that promotes growth and development while living a life of fun and adventure.
Team Development

Foucsing On Three Main Pillars

Chris will want to know what keeps you up at night, what important decisions you are facing and if you are working in or “ON” your Business.  He will hold you Accountable.
Work/Life Balance
He will ensure your work/life balance is right for you, your family and your business.  He will help you develop clear, concise strategies and tactics to achieve results.
Your Why
Chris will want to know if you are Enjoying Life, and what your true Purpose is in life.  He will ask Why, not what! He will want to know about your Vision and what your Plan is for achieving your Dreams.

Ready To Lead A Life Of Adventure?