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2023 in Review and Start 2024 with Crystal Clear Focus

I trust 2023 has been one of the best years yet.

Each year my clients, members, advisors and I review what worked, what didn’t and how we’ll incorporate these learnings into the year ahead. Consider the following (3x3=9) questions as you perform your year in review and plan for next year.

Looking Back

1. What were my top 3 achievements in 2023?

2. What were my top 3 under achievements for 2023?

3. What and Who am I thankful for?

Looking Into The Future

4. Do my Values, Purpose or Vision need to change?

5. What does my DREAM Life look like in 9 years? (If you have trouble describing it, try drawing it in the form of a Painted Picture or Vision Board in the year 2033)

6. What are my Goals for 2024? (3 Categories; Personal/Health & Wellness/Business).

Use my attached “One-Page Plan for 2024” and make sure they are S.M.A.R.T Goals

Next Year - 2024

Download your free One-Page Plan now.

My Year in Review

This year I achieved 7 of my 9 goals for 2023.

  • I spent quality time with my family and friends every week
  • Skied in Chamonix, France with my family
  • Got back into running after a long hiatus doing the 10km Sun Run and completing my 1st Half-marathon.
  • Took a group of 7 friends and we climbed Mt Kilimanjaro. Also climbed 6 other major peaks in Africa, Canada and the US
  • Travelled to 13 new countries (including 11 in Africa driving 12,000kms).
  • One step closer to completing and publishing my book, hired a speaker coach to assist me in relaunching my speaking career.
  • Joined CAPS and NSA Speaker associations.

I read the following 9 books (12 was my goal):

  • Traction, by Gino Wickman
  • $100M Offers, by Alex Hormozi
  • The Forth Turning by William Strauss
  • Relentless, by Tim S. Grover
  • Born to Run, by Christopher McDouglas
  • Getting Naked, by Joel Primus
  • Never Finished, by David Goggins
  • Whole Hearted Leadership, by David MacLean
  • The Long Walk to Freedom, by Nelson Mandela

“A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at” - Bruce Lee


Fill in your One-Page Plan for 2024.

Select myself or someone else to be your accountability partner.

Why not get them to fill one in too, that way you can hold each other accountable.

"A year from now, you may wish you had started today" - Karen Lamb

It’ll take you 15-20 mins to complete the plan and a minute a day to keep yourself accountable.  I’ve worked with hundreds of CEOs, Presidents, Founders, Entrepreneurs, C-Suite Executives and Managers, this exercise is one of the simplest and quickest success tools that brings results. Who can say No to winning and achieving their goals?

Remember, I will be your accountability coach whenever you’re ready.

I can’t wait to see the goals you set for yourself.

‘Go Get It’

Happy 2024!

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