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CRIKEY! It's Christmas

It’s time to rest, hang out with family and friends, be thankful, enjoy the Festive Season and celebrate all the success you’ve achieved this year

What are you thankful for?

What a year… hottest temperatures and highest rainfalls on record, fires, floods, road and rail closures, the continued global pandemic, new variants, masks off, masks on, travel on, travel off. It really is time to take a chill pill and get some much needed me time and rest, sleep in, ignore your emails, go for a walk in the snow, or snowshoe, or ski day, or backcountry ski, or climb another mountain, or, or, or??? No STOP!! Phew, yeah that’s right, go grab another coffee and maybe sneak another Christmas treat, start that 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, read a non business book, call your Mum. Now that’s better, take a deep breath and relax, light the fire and have a nap.

It’s Celebration Time!!

When you wake up from your nap, pull out your One Page Plan for 2021 you completed with me back in January (should be pinned on the wall in your home office), look at all the things you completed and accomplished this year. Give yourself a pat on the back. Have you celebrated your achievements yet? How are you going to do that? What are you going, do or buy that will remind you of your success? Do it right now, do not put it off, it’ll only take a few minutes. Celebrating your achievements and that of your family, your spouse, your kids, friends and colleagues is one of the most important things you can do. Otherwise… what’s it all for?

I celebrated by buying myself a new Nordic trainer to walk, hike, ride and climb over some more mountains in 2022, who else is up for a challenge?

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