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Entrepreneur + Adventure = Adventurepreneur

Entrepreneur + Adventure = Adventurepreneur 

Daily grind got you down? Dreaming of a life of Adventure? Reclaim the life you set out to have?

What are the key elements of combining Adventure with being an Entrepreneur?

In the world of uncharted territories and relentless quests for innovation, entrepreneurialism mirrors adventurism in more ways than one. Both attract individuals with a drive for exploration, a tolerance for risk, and an undying curiosity about what lies beyond the known. Today, I am going to delve into the fascinating parallels between the journeys of entrepreneurs and adventurers, revealing the intrinsic qualities that drive success in both arenas.

Exploring the Unknown

The core of adventurism lies in the thrill of exploration—be it scaling unclimbed peaks (my goal is 1000!), traversing dense jungles, or diving into the abyss of the deepest oceans. Adventurers are driven by a desire to discover and map the unseen, much like entrepreneurs who venture into the business landscape to carve out new niches or disrupt established industries with innovative ideas. Both adventurers and entrepreneurs embark on journeys that many would deem risky or ill-advised, driven by a vision only they can see clearly. 

This exploration of the unknown requires a vision that goes beyond the immediate horizon—an ability to imagine possibilities that do not yet exist. We all know the Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs who embody this spirit, pushing boundaries in industries from space exploration, e-commerce and technology, much like adventurers, Christopher Columbus, James Cook and Sir Francis Drake who set out to chart new territories without a clear map in hand.

What’s your goal, what do you dream of? Can you visualize it clearly?

Embracing Risk

Risk is an inherent aspect of both adventure and entrepreneurship. It’s been at the forefront of every project I’ve ever taken on. Like managing the re-decking of Lion’s Gate bridge in 1998-2000. That was an adventure! 

This was the first re-decking of a long span suspension bridge while in active use, requiring the innovative use of strand jacking 60’ long deck sections on and off a barge during weekend bridge closures. 

For adventurers, the physical risks of their endeavors can be life-threatening, involving perilous climbs, extreme weather, or navigating through remote locales. Entrepreneurs face different kinds of risks: financial, operational, reputational, or the personal risk of investing years of one’s life into an uncertain venture that could ultimately fail. Both must assess and manage these risks, balancing caution with the boldness required to pursue their goals.

The willingness to embrace these risks comes from a deep-seated belief in the value of what lies ahead—the peak of the mountain or the success of a groundbreaking business venture. This shared characteristic is what often leads both adventurers and entrepreneurs to achieve what others might think impossible.

Resourcefulness and Innovation

Resourcefulness is a critical trait shared by both adventurers and entrepreneurs. In remote expeditions, adventurers often have to make do with limited resources, improvise solutions, and solve problems on the fly. As many  entrepreneurs know, they are frequently faced with the same constraints—limited budgets, small teams, limited capacity or insufficient market data. Their ability to innovate within these constraints can mean the difference between failure and success.

Innovation, in this context, involves seeing beyond conventional uses of resources, whether it’s using a climbing tool in a new way to ensure safety (in some cases just winging it) or applying technology to revolutionize a traditional business process. The history of entrepreneurial ventures is filled with stories of ingenious solutions that turned limitations into launching pads for success.

“Adventure is the bridge between what is and what could be”, by Chris Hardwick

Resilience and Perseverance

Setbacks and failures are common to both adventurers and entrepreneurs. However, it is their resilience that defines long-term success. Adventurers often face harsh conditions, unexpected obstacles, or even catastrophic failures, such as avalanches or equipment loss. Entrepreneurs, too, encounter market failures, product flops, or economic downturns. The key to moving past these setbacks is resilience—the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, pivot and persevere to pursue success despite failures.

Resilience in entrepreneurship is not just about bouncing back from failure, but also about learning from these experiences, adapting strategies, and continually striving towards one’s vision. This trait ensures that both adventurers and entrepreneurs not only survive their challenges but emerge stronger and more prepared for the next hurdle.

Vision and Passion

Ultimately, the driving force behind both adventurers and entrepreneurs is a combination of vision and passion. Adventurers are often motivated by the dream of achieving something monumental—to get to the top of the mountain or to journey across a continent. Their passion sustains them through the toughest parts of the journey. As an Entrepreneur, we are similarly driven by a vision for what our ventures can achieve and a passion for the impact they can make, whether it’s through innovative products, new infrastructure, services, or entirely new business models.

This vision and passion are infectious, which often inspires teams, attracting investors, and rallying support from stakeholders of all kinds. It is this profound and persuasive belief in their goals that enables both adventurers and entrepreneurs to push forward, drive change, and achieve the extraordinary.

The Birth of the Adventurepreneur

The parallels drawn between adventurers and entrepreneurs culminate in the emergence of a new archetype: the Adventurepreneur. It’s where adventure and business intersect.

You may have heard me talk about it before. And asked what the heck does that mean. Well, an Adventurepreneur embodies the fearless spirit of an adventurer and the innovative mind of an entrepreneur. Adventurepreunuerialism is about bringing the culture of adventure into a business. It’s about inviting change, excitement and reinvigorating the vision within a workplace environment. Through Adventureprenuerialism individuals who not only seek out new landscapes and business opportunities but also blend their love for adventure with their entrepreneurial ventures, creating a dynamic approach to both life and business.

An Adventurpreneur is characterized by their ability to navigate the unknown, their resilience in the face of adversity, and their unwavering passion and building success, in both their personal and professional life. 

The story of the Adventurpreneur is about more than just combining two words—it's about merging worlds in a way that enriches both the spirit of human adventure and the practice of entrepreneurship. It’s about celebrating the achievement of everything that you need in life and having fun along the way. 

I am here to help CEO’s and Business Leaders, get out of the mundane day-to-day, and challenge why you started your business in the first place. My goal in the next few months is to bring you on a journey into the life of adventure, while on a path of limitless possibilities and unprecedented success. Look out for my upcoming book!  

Are you feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, dragging yourself through the day-to-day, drowning in responsibility, wondering why you built your business in the first place. 

Are you living the life of adventure? Do you want to be? If you’re ready to learn more about the life of an “Adventurpreneur”, contact me to find out now.

Let’s GO GET IT together!

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