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Finding & Keeping Great Employees

We all know how hard it is to find and keep great employees, especially those with management and leadership potential.

What action can you take to show them how committed you are to their future development and success?

You have identified 1 or more rising stars within your organization and are looking for a curriculum-based (MBA type) program to plug them into, “TEC Canada's ELG” - Emerging Leader Program (facilitated by TEC Chair - Chris Hardwick), could be the solution.

A 2-to-4-year program with a full-day "in-person meeting" every other month:

Morning: Speaker sessions (topics per attached info sheet)
Afternoon: Small group workshop session in Triad's

I am planning to launch this new group on Tuesday, March 29 with 15 members. The group will be capped at 21 members (multiples of 3).

For more info, click on the below information sheet and application form.

I will be meeting with and interviewing candidates for the few remaining spots over the coming weeks and require all registrations to be completed by March 15th to ensure a March 29th launch. You and/or your candidates can use the following Calendly link to schedule a call with me to learn more.

Please contact me with the name of your candidates and an email introduction so I can schedule a phone or zoom call over the coming weeks.

Meet Chris Hardwick

Executive Business Coach

For over 20 years I've been helping entrepreneurs and business leaders to realize their dreams and achieve success.

As an entrepreneur, world traveler, adventurer, and motivator, I lead by example. My goal is to inspire you with my passion for life, success and happiness.

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