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One Page Vision Board

My Story...

On a bus trip in Turkey, from Istanbul to Pamukkale in 1985, my brother and I wrote down our 5-year goals. They were crazy, huge and ridiculous! In 1990, the notepad was discovered, we had completed over 50% of our goals by simply writing them down. Imagine if we’d printed them off and put them on the wall.

Since 1990 I’ve been doing exactly this with amazing results, it works!

Every January I write down my top 3 or 4 goals in 3 categories; Personal, Health & Wellness and Business, and every year I achieve them.

Make them; hard, challenging, a stretch, exciting goals that get you out of bed in the morning.

Did you know?

You have a 95% certainty of achieving a written measurable plan! However, only 10% of you will take the hour or so to do it. I’ve taken the hard work out of the process by developing a simple and easy to use one page “Vision Board” template for you. Achieve 95% success with a written measurable plan is simple and easy with my “Vision Board” template!

Download The Vision Board Template Below

Download The Vision Board

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