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The single most important tool for achieving success in 2022!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, now is a great time to wrap-up your Goals for 2022.

How will Success look this Year?

I was out backcountry skiing on Dec 31 up above the S2S Gondola on the flanks of SyPilot Mtn, Squamish, 40cm of fresh POW and the weirdest thing… I kept falling over, having to take my skis off, dig myself out, get my skis back on, take another 6 turns, fall over, and do it all again. This left me totally exhausted. All while my eldest son, was looking on thinking what the heck is wrong with Dad. Well as it turned out I tested +ve for COVID a few days later.

It’s Planning Time!!

If you’ve worked with me before you’ll know that I’m a big believer in Goal setting, and developing a Plan, the stats are irrefutable;

50% chance of achieving them just by writing them down,

75% success by keeping them where you can see them,

85% success by making them realistic, definitive and measurable.

95% if you define with clarity what Success Looks Like

100% success if you have an Accountability Partner

One Page Plan for 2022

I’ve made the process of goal setting so simple for you with my “One Page Plan for 2022” I suggest you complete in the following order:

  1. Your Values,
  2. Personal Mission,
  3. Why,
  4. Your top 3 Personal goals, Health & Wellness goals, your Business goals and,
  5. Summarize your top 3 Goals for the year

Remember to keep them definitive, measurable and realistically achievable. They should be a stretch, but not impossible, you want to be excited about them, allow yourself to dream big and have some fun and adventure.

It shouldn’t take you more than about 20-30mins to complete the One Page Plan, print off a copy, post it on the wall in your home office or at work, share it with your partner, family and colleagues. Encourage them to complete one as well. I complete this task with my wife, the kids, my team, my peer groups and my coaching clients. This short exercise can be a powerful process to help you manifest your goals. Most importantly, get yourself an accountability partner, and if you need one, I’ll be there for you.

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