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Vision Board 2032

My Story...

I took this picture of my middle son 5 years ago at the beginning of his backpacking trip around Europe, he was 19 years old. We're standing on the viewing platform at the top of Grand Montets Ski Resort, behind Josh is Aiguille Du Midi 3,842m and Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe at 4,809m.  

What's most significant for me about this picture is that about 10 years before, at the age of 9 or 10, Josh shared with me that when he grew up he wanted to go skiing and backpacking in Europe.  

The day before we'd skied the entire length of the Vallee Blanche down to Chamonix in France, it's one of the longest ski runs in the world. After hiking down 200m from the Aiguille Du Midi Teleferic (gondola) along an extremely narrow ridge carrying our skis and poles while clutching onto an iced up rope to get to an area where it was safe enough to put on our ski's, we begin the 6 hour, 20km glacier ski run.

Creating your "Vision Board 2032"...

Using the instructions below, I'd like to share with you the power of Visualization, and assist you in beginning to envision your "Dream Life", anything is possible. Do not over think it, do not concern yourself with the how, we'll figure that out later.

Grab a piece of paper (preferably 11”x17” or 2 x 8 1/2”x11” taped together) and some colouring pencils or sharpies (raid your kids' room if you need to). Put your name at the top left corner, and the date Feb 2032 at the top right corner. Spend a few minutes dreaming and visualizing what your life could look like in 10 years' time, let you mind run, now attempt to draw it, and no you don’t need to be an artist.

Think about your family, how old you and your family will be, where you’ll be living, how active and healthy you are, your happiness, your holidays and trips you’re going to take, your business, any M&A activity, education or courses you plan on taking, are you still working?

Now put it up on the wall in your home office, bedroom or somewhere you can see it every day, share it with your; partner, kids, friends and colleagues. Discuss your dreams, get excited about them.

Next step, developing a plan to achieve your Dream Life, stay tuned.

The Importance of Visualization...

  • Overcome your fears
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Develop new skills
  • Focus on your goals
  • Override self-limiting beliefs
  • Don't give up!

My wife and I have a Vision to travel the world over the next 10 years and for me climbing Mont Blanc is just one of many adventures planned.

“Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose."

- Robert Bennett, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host of The Dr. Bo Show

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