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Self Accountability vs Accountability Partner


Talking about and setting your long term Vision and Setting Goals to get there was easy, right? So what now? Who is going to hold you accountable to ensure you achieve your Goals? We have all experienced varying degrees of accountability, some good and some not so good.  Let me help set you up on the right path, let's move you towards achieving your Dream Lifestyle now! 

BHAGs - Big Hairy Audacious Goals

BHAGs are one of the ways to encapsulate your Dream Lifestyle. If you’ve been following  me the last few months, you’ll know that in January I showed you how to develop your Vision Board for 2032 your 10 Year Vision and then your One Page Success Plan for 2022

Defining your Vision and setting your Goals is hard enough, achieving them is impossible for the majority of people. There are always so many convenient excuses; I don’t know how to get started, they are too hard, I need to re-do them, I don’t have enough time, I’m too busy, I need more money, I’ll do it later or better yet tomorrow.  

NO, you need to get started NOW!!  Remember just like Rome wasn't built in a day, neither will your goals be achieved quickly and easily.  The key is to keep moving forward to keep moving the needle a little closer every day, week, month. 

Procrastination is easy. Accountability is hard. 

Dreams and Goals can end up in limbo for days, weeks, months, and even years with little or no progress. So the big question you need to ask is who holds you Accountable?

Elite Athletes, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Leaders and basically all overachievers set Goals to help them achieve their Vision.  It might be a vision of winning, achieving a certain revenue or earnings target, landing that whale of a client, hiring that superstar, climbing that mountain, travelling to that country.  

You can have the best and greatest ideas, be overflowing with talent and ambition but failure to act will leave you scattered, disconnected from your goals and ultimately unfulfilled. 

Accountability to yourself and to an Accountability Partner such as a Coach can be the difference between you imagining your Dream life, to making your Dream Life happen. How many people do you know achieved their success all by themselves?   

My Story…

After 3 years of completing badges, organising and leading multi-day expeditions into the snake and spider infested bush around Sydney, performing community service, fundraising, interviewing drug addicts and alcoholics, helping out at seniors homes and many more activities I eventually completed the highest award in Scouting, the Queen’s Scout award. 

I received a certificate signed by Queen Elizabeth and a plaque from the Governor-General of Australia.  I was 15.  This would never have been possible without the multitude of people who supported and guided me, my parents, Scout leaders and volunteer examiners to hold me accountable and keep me on track. 

This experience from my younger years and subsequently in business when I had my own Business Coach and Peer Group has set me up to be the Accountability Partner for my family, friends, business owners and executive leaders in my peer groups and coaching clients. 

Accountability - Scout badge being attached by peer

Commitment to achieving your goals with consistency will help you steadily progress. The most successful people have Coaches and Advisors integrated into their lives to help them, when they’re outside their comfort zone, cheering them on at the sidelines, guiding their path and being accountable to their success. 

Your ability to Focus can be overwhelming, time and time again, I hear the words “Chris, I don’t have enough time in the day”. I get it, especially when we’ve all got a modern-day, post-pandemic, often unbalanced lifestyle to live up to without burnout. How do some of the most successful people in the world function when there are so many things to do?

An Accountability Partner is only as effective as you allow them to be. 

To maximise results:

  • Make sure you resonate with and respect the person who’s keeping you accountable
  • Schedule regular (bi-weekly or monthly) check-ins with your accountability partner 
  • Be able to measure your progress and define success
  • Be accountable for any missed milestones, and get back on track
  • Keep being consistent, keep moving the needle, keep moving forward

Throughout my experience as a successful Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Executive Leadership Coach, I have helped many people on their adventure towards their Vision, I’ve held them accountable to their goals in order to achieve their Dream Life, we have worked together to develop an achievable plan in order to succeed, overcome all obstacles and live a life with no regrets. 

If you are stuck in what seems like an endless cycle of dreaming big and getting nowhere, then you definitely need an Accountability Partner. Take action today, try out the above tips to create the Vision and define the Plan, then get an Accountability Partner.

How do I find an Accountability Partner? It needs to be someone you respect, who has overcome adversity through determination, persistence and hard work. Who themselves has had a Coach or Accountability Partner and understands their role in guiding you and holding you accountable.  A friend or family member won’t cut it.

It needs to be someone who will smack you on the side of the head (figuratively) with a 4by2 (Aussie for 2”x4”) when you don’t deliver on your promises. Working with my clients, it’s important to keep accountability by scheduling regular monthly meetings or calls, agree on what success in the next month looks like, define what the actions and results will be achieved over the coming month, and check in a couple of times during the month to see how they are doing. Then monitor their performance.

Don’t forget to celebrate your Successes

If you need more accountability in your life or in your business, get in touch with me today to  get started on your 10 year Vision and Goals to achieve your Dream Life.

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